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Our Services

I.T. Magic offer a full range of website optimisation services that are guaranteed to drive more targetted visitors to your site, getting you placed much higher in the main search engines.

Search engine technology is changing all the time and keeping up to date with the latest information can be a time consuming process. We know which databases supply all the popular search engines, and what it takes to get good listings in all the search engines and directories.

We will help you find the best keywords that not only drive targetted visitors to your site, but also give top listings in the search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation

Achieving a top position in the most popular search engines has nothing to do with having the the flashiest site on the web. In fact, having a web site designed purely to look good can actually harm your rankings.

Web site optimisation is an essential element of Internet strategy. It's a time consuming process requiring research, development and patience. Having a well optimised site will save you money in the long term and generate more targetted visitors than a site left un-optimised.

Is your site optimised for the keywords that are likely to deliver the most targetted traffic?

Maybe your site already has a top 10 listing for a selection of keywords, but are they the most efficient keywords? Choosing the wrong words to optimise can mean missing out on hundreds or thousands visitors. There are a number of reasons why a site isn't receiving many visitors or sales.

  • Your chosen keywords aren't the ones used in search engines.

    Maybe you've got some top 10 listings for your keywords - You'll be receiving lots of visitors now, right? Well, not necessarily. If the keywords you've chosen aren't those used in the search engines, your site will go unnoticed.

  • There are too many other sites optimised for the words you've chosen.

    If you've choosen a word or phrase that's too popular, you could be competing against thousands of similar sites and you'll have less of a chance of achieving a top 10 listing.

  • The keywords you've chosen are too general and the visitors you receive aren't interested in your content.

    If your keywords are too general, you won't be receiving targetted traffic and the visitors you recieve will not stay on your site.

Take a look at your visitor log files. If they show lots of visits to your home page and little or nothing deeper, then your visitors are going elsewhere.

Already Have a Site?

If your existing site isn't attracting the number of visitors you'd hoped for, there are a number of cost effective solutions that I.T. Magic can offer.

  • Phone conultations

    I.T. Magic offers SEO telephone consultancy for business who require advice and information on improving their site.

  • Tailored Reports

    In-depth analysis document detailing existing search engine placement, keyword research and recommendations for improving the site.

  • Full Consultancy

    We can take your site, work within the existing structure and improve its search engine visibilty.
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